About 'Tnejn Ghat-Talkies'

TNEJN GHAT-TALKIES is a new initiative that forms part of the STRADA STRETTA programme, under the auspices of the Valletta Cultural Agency (VCA). 

Beginning on Monday the 26th of September @ 8:30pm, classic films and memorable movies that may have escaped the attention of cinema-goers over the years will be screened every fortnight, and always on a Monday (ergo the TNEJN ghat-Talkies), at The Embassy Cinemas Valletta. 

Admission is at just Eur 5 per person. No intervals are contemplated during the films’ screening, whereas foreign films will also include English subtitles. 

The Tnejn Ghat-Talkies initiative kicks off with Alfred Hitchcock’s classic NORTH BY NORTHWEST (1959), a movie reputed to be the original template for all the high-octane Action/Adventure thrillers that followed over the years, until this very day.