The Embassy Club

Become an Embassy Club member. Sign up today to receive special offers, club incentives, and regular news updates. Once  you have become a member, you can also purchase your cinema tickets online. And don’t forget…becoming a club member is completely free.

Once you are a club member you can also collect points every time you visit our cinema. Get 1 point for every 1 euro spent. Points can then be redeemed as follows:

50 points = Free Medium popcorn

75 points = Free soft drink + small popcorn

100 points = Free child ticket 2D

100 points = Free nachos

150 points = Free adult ticket 2D premium seat

After registering, you can access your online member account where you can  manage your preferences and view your purchase history as well as the amount of points collected.

Remember to log into your account when doing a purchase to collect the points. 


Club members will earn points when purchasing admission tickets (online or at box office) and cinema bar items.

Registration can be done either online or from the Embassy’s box office. An email address is required to become a member.

Points are not transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash.

Club members are automatically subscribed to our e-newsletter. However members have the right to opt out by choosing this option via a link on every newsletter. 

The Embassy may terminate or suspend any Membership at any time, for any reason, without liability to you. In such case, the Membership will be terminated or suspended 60 days after sending the notice to you.

To protect your privacy, we do not give your information to any other companies. We will use information for internal marketing purposes and to provide you with exclusive offers and rewards. We also use information collected through our website to prevent and detect fraud, infringement, and other potential misuse of the website.

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