Barbie Pink Night

Quiz Night (13)

Note: If you bought Barbie tickets for 8:30pm have no worries, no changes have been made to your screening or the event itself. We decided to add an additional screening at 21:15pm due to the huge demand which led to tickets being sold out almost instantly.

Mark your calendars for July 21st and get ready for an enchanting evening at Embassy Cinemas! We are thrilled to invite you to a fun-filled Release Night featuring the latest Barbie movie. Immerse yourself in the world of Barbie and indulge in a delightful cinematic experience like no other.

Upon arrival, you will receive a complimentary London Essence soda, a refreshing beverage to enhance your movie experience. Sip on this sparkling treat as you explore the captivating new pink collection by Double M. Discover the latest trends and marvel at the creativity showcased in their life-sized Barbie box display. Each piece embodies the essence of Barbie’s iconic style and elegance, providing you with endless inspiration for your own fashion choices.

And speaking of fashion, we’ve saved something special for all our Barbie-loving guests! Take the opportunity to capture the perfect selfie in one of the Barbie boxes we’ve reserved exclusively for you. Step inside, strike a pose, Share your stunning selfies on social media and tag us – for a chance to WIN our ‘Best Pink Outfit’ competition. There will be not just one, but ten lucky winners! Each winner will receive a fabulous goodie bag from Double M, filled with delightful surprises and exclusive items. But that’s not all – as a special treat from Embassy Cinemas, each winner will also receive a free movie ticket, allowing them to enjoy more magical moments on the big screen. So put on your most stylish pink garments and get ready to shine!

Hurry up and get your tickets before they are sold out!


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