The APS Summer Festival

About The Festival

By popular demand, the APS Summer Festival presents 8 weeks of cultural activities staged along the Valletta Waterfront. Held alfresco under the stars, with historic fortifications and the sea as a backdrop, the evocative venue offers a unique location for re-introducing live events in Malta.

Featuring an eclectic choice of styles, artists include Big Band Brothers, Comedy Knights, Ray Calleja, Clare Ghigo, Alex Bezzina & Band, Red Electrick, Nadine Axisa, Studio 18 and musicians of the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra together with emerging local talent and the Malta Youth Orchestra. These Live Music Weekends are complemented with outdoor cinema nights, dance, comedy and poetry acts.

The APS Summer Festival is produced by the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra and the Valletta Cruise Port and supported by the Malta Tourism Authority, StudioSeven, Embassy Cinemas and Island Insurance Brokers.

More information:

E: [email protected]

T: +356 2226 1900

About The Venue

The APS Summer Festival will be held along Quays 4-5.

Kick off the night with a pre-event drink or a light meal at one of the outlets on the Valletta Waterfront. Located in eighteenth century warehouses with their iconic coloured doors stretching along the water’s edge, the Valletta Waterfront’s many restaurants and bars present a variety of offerings catering to different tastes. The establishments on the Valletta Waterfront will also be open after the event.


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    • The suggested age for the Live Music Weekends is 5 years and up.
    • Age restriction relevant to individual film ratings apply to film screenings.
  1. Health and Safety
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    • Although not enforced, You will be encouraged to wear a face mask and/or visor during the Event.
    • In the event of an emergency, three (3) gates will be available as emergency exits (as marked on the Event Plan). This will also serve as means of splitting the crowd in three (3) groups of less than seventy (70) people (the maximum is seventy-five (75) as per guidelines issued by the Superintendent of Public Health).
    • After the Event, You will be requested to adhere to social distancing guidelines on their way towards the exit.
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